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Deer Velvet for Dogs.

Building on 2000 years of traditional oriental medicine, New Zealand deer velvet antler is emerging as a modern natural health product with many applications. Scientific research is proving what oriental medicine doctors have long known – deer velvet antler is good for you!

In clinical studies, New Zealand scientists at AgReasearch Invermay, near Dunedin, have shown that velvet can stimulate the body's immune system. Research showed that treating human white blood cells with extracts of New Zealand velvet stimulated the immune system, as measured by increased production of white blood cells. This response – immunopotentiation in scientific terms – is the body's defence mechanism. Increased numbers of white blood cells are produced to fight “intruder” bugs.

Traditionally, velvet is used in Asia as a nourishing tonic – especially before winter – to prevent illness. It is an essential part of the “promoting wellness” rather than “curing illness” philosophy, on which oriental medicine is based. There is extensive anecdotal evidence of deer velvet antlers effectiveness , but now New Zealand is generating some rational scientific evidence to verify those claims. That is seen as an important step for New Zealand deer velvet antler in the international natural health markets, both for humans and pets.

NZ Velvet Agility is a totally natural, holistic and renewable supplement that acts as a preventative for arthritis and joint problems in dogs as well as providing relief for suffering dogs.

Promotes healthy growth and brain development.

Velvet Agility Foundation.
Set your puppy on the right path to a happy and healthy life naturally. Specifically formulated to promote early skeletal and brain development. 

Prevent joint and mobility problems

Velvet Agility Maintenance
This natural product is specifically formulated for all dogs over the age of 24 months for continued health and wellbeing and to help prevent the onset of arthritis, elbow dysplasia or other joint problems.

For older dogs or those with joint and mobility problems

Velvet Agility Advance.
Have you noticed your dog slowing down and stiffening up? Your dog may have arthritis, one of the most common age related problems in dogs. Our Advance natural formula is designed to support healthy joint and hip function.

Relieve and soothe

Deer Velvet Manuka Creme.
The unique properties of Deer Velvet and Manuka Oil may relieve and soothe skin disorders, minor cuts and fungal infections.





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