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Do you want to know more about limping in dogs, canine hip dysplasia and arthritis or pain relief for your dog's joint problems? Email our Vet for FREE advice.

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Information about dog joint problems, hip and elbow dysplasia, limping dogs and general dog health.

More than 40 Essential Nutrients
Did you know that Deer Antler Velvet contains over 40 essential nutrients?

Helping Your Arthritic Cat
Arthritis is a joint problem that can reduce a cat’s mobility and cause severe, chronic pain. You can improve life for your arthritic cat by doing the following:

Elbow Dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia is a painful, debilitating, and typically inherited disease.

Canine Hip Dysplasia
Canine hip dysplasia is a painful disease that can lead to debilitating arthritis.It affects the “ball and socket” joint of the hip. Canine hip dysplasia is a hereditary problem that can be influenced by lifestyle factors. Certain breeds are predisposed. Early recognition and a program of weight management and regular exercise can sometimes slow disease progression.

All Natural AND Renewable.
A natural supplement made from farm raised Deer Velvet.

10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog
Osteoarthritis affects one of every five dogs.

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